Trevor Garson

Trevor’s career in finance started at an insurance company, helping financial advisers with its products and client solutions. Realising that dealing with clients directly was far more satisfying, he became an Independent Financial Adviser.

He spent the first five years as a specialist, advising Daily Telegraph readers on their retirement options and personally helped over 500 readers to realise their goals.

How he works

After finding that his clients often needed advice in a number of areas, Trevor broadened his remit to advise on all pension and investment matters. This allowed him to foster ongoing relationships with his clients instead of one-off transactions.

Seven years on, he now manages a series of running relationships, referring to other experts and professionals whenever needed.

Who he works for

Based in our Crawley office, Trevor doesn’t have a typical client and is as comfortable sitting down with a city trader as a retired couple on the coast.

The majority, however, tend to be over 35, busy with a family and either in a profession or retired from one. Crucially, they all value the honesty and personal service offered by someone they consider their financial ‘co-pilot’ in life.

Trevor says: “Clients come to see me when they need an objective sounding board to confirm, challenge or clarify their direction and financial objectives. Every client’s needs and financial plans are unique and therefore my advice is tailored to each person’s individual circumstances investment knowledge and experience.”

One last thing

Based near Horsham, Trevor is married to Kathy and together they have four children. Between a busy work schedule and family life, he still turns out for Crawley Rugby Club.