At Lothbury Pendil, we believe successful financial planning starts with strong financial education.

It’s this belief in lifelong financial learning that we’re committed to supporting from primary school right through to retirement.

Starting early – children and young adults

We believe that it’s never too early for children to learn the value of money.

We’ve found that Go Henry is a fantastic online tool for engaging both parents and children in learning the importance of saving and budgeting wisely.

Go Henry allows parents to control their children’s pocket money by adding funds to a pre-paid debit card, giving them both financial freedom and responsibility.

The tool also provides an online budget planner to help with savings targets and can record what chores a child needs to compete in order to earn their money.

Try it out today at:

For those aged 16 and over, The Open University has created an online masterclass that develops personal financial skills and helps young adults to make good decisions when dealing with money. It’s a strong step towards a successful financial future.

Start the course here:

Financial education in schools

In conjunction with the Chartered Insurance Institute, Lothbury Pendil provides an interactive session in schools called ‘Discover Fortunes’. As an introduction to the role of financial planning, it offers a taster of this job as a career option.

If you think your child’s school would be interested then please contact us.