Excellence at every level

At Lothbury Pendil, we’re committed to our core values. We demand excellence in everything we do, for every client we do it for.

Independent thinking

Financial advice is a complex business requiring highly skilled advisers. As an independent firm we’re proud to maintain high standards and offer fresh perspectives. This means constantly sharpening our knowledge and skills.

Transparency and trust

We keep our fees clear and the way we work flexible. We have our trusted network of specialist consultants, including accountants, solicitors and tax specialists, but we’re just as happy to work alongside your own appointed solicitor or accountant.

Personal Finance Society

At Lothbury Pendil, we’re all members of the Personal Finance Society and adhere to their Code of Ethics.

As such, we:

  • Comply with the Code and all relevant laws and regulations
  • Act with the highest ethical standards and integrity
  • Act in the best interests of each client
  • Provide a high standard of service
  • Treat people fairly regardless of age; disability; gender reassignment; pregnancy and maternity; marriage and civil partnership; race; religion and belief; sex; and sexual orientation

The full code may be viewed here.